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Vine Oil and Gas Ltd have fleet of trucks to drive down our targeted distribution purpose, hence, effectively and efficiently undertakes transportation of petroleum products from one part of the country to another. In addition to enabling us to efficiently move our products overland, our well-developed assets in haulage and logistics ensures that there is minimal “lag-time” (A delay that exist between two related events happing) between product importation and delivery.

Our range of trucks serves the logistic needs for us and that of our customers. These trucks are equipped with tracking devices and meet the international standards with regards safety. Rental services are also provided for long-haul bridging.

Charters and vessel management

We provide petroleum product freighting and are engaged in other maritime freights duties.
e.g. Vessel management and bunker

We are in the process of building Gas refill plants. We are at an advanced stage and will soon launch this arm of the business at the various locations at Lagos, Asaba, Calabar Port Harcourt and Abuja , which will all be commissioned in due time.

This is an area that we have all the intention to commit time and resources to develop and play a very key role in the clean energy initiative of the Government


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