Marketing and Distribution

Vine Oil and Gas Ltd retail Chain Management services focus on effective distribution in the outlets and efficient running of the stations.

Having said that, Vine Oil and Gas Ltd consciously and consistently channeled part of its efforts in meeting this objective by marketing and distributing refined products through our network of retail outlets across the country using both company owned, leased and franchised outlets.

Vine Oil and Gas Ltd is committed to ensuring that PMS, AGO, DPK, LGP, LUBS and so on are readily available to end consumers at the right price and pump calibration whilst establishing appropriate non-fuel income that add value to drive in customers.

Our clientele profile cuts across private and public sectors such as, the manufacturing industry, Telecommunication industry, Aviation industry, Construction industry, Hospitality / service industry, and Government Agencies etc.

With over 50 trucks in our fleet, our Product distribution effectively and efficiently bridges petroleum products to all parts of Nigeria; and our metered digitalized trucks which peddle petroleum products to our corporate consumer.


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