Who We Are

VINE Oil and Gas was incorporated in May 2nd 2002 under the Corporate Affairs Allied Matters Act as a Limited Liability company, VINE oil and gas formally commenced business operation in 2010.

Our business focus was born out of extensive research in determination of the growth segment of the company and this resulted in our decision to build our business along the following lines oil and gas, marine and charter services.


Provide effective and relevant services, with focus on commitment, quality, safety, research and gratitude.



To position VINE Oil & Gas Limited as a leading products marketing company in Nigeria, with focus on distribution, sales and service support

Our objective is to combine efficiency, people, technology and service in relation with a modern management approach. As simple as it sounds this unique combination has had tremendous implication on company growth.

VINE oil and gas is positioned to be the leading petroleum marketing and distribution company in Nigeria downstream sector especially in the areas of distribution of Automobile Gas Oil (AGO), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Bitumen and Low pour Fuel Oil (LPFO), Lubricant and LPG. To this end Oil and Gas Nigeria limited is licensed by Department of petroleum resources (DPR) in Nigeria to import and distribute the above stated products in the country.

A leading oil Importer and marketing retailer, we sell and distribute our products via our retail service stations and our industrial customers cutting across the different geographical zones in Nigeria.

We have continuously ensured products supply and availability in Nigeria.

This leading position is associated with our successes in the petroleum products marketing business.

In further realization of its objective, the company has established business relationship and alliance with major players in the industry which includes multinationals and indigenous Oil and Gas organization like Total Nigeria, Chevron, Petrocam Trading (Pty), Oando Plc, MRS Nigeria, Mobil and Setena Energy to mention but a few.

For us at Vine, Distribution planning is of major concern. When affordable energy is made available in rural areas, contemplation of global agenda becomes imperative.

Over the years we have developed distribution outlets across the country and have constructed a state of the art Oil terminal installation facility (tank farm) in Calabar free trade zone with a combine capacity of 35.5 million litres and by meeting the international standards on Oil terminalling we currently have a throughput agreement with the IOC’s (Total Nig and Mobil) for bulk storage. We acquired 20 trucks to our fleets of tankers and is in the process of building a lubrication plant in the south east and Gas refill plants in Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos.

We keep it SIMPLE by ensuring availability of products at the right QUALITY, QUANTITY, PRICE, TIME and PLACE In delivering all the services mentioned above, we deploy experienced staff using appropriate technology and any other resource that may be required in order to ensure a hitch free operation; this is the bedrock of our turnaround strategy.

Provide effective and relevant services, with focus on commitment, quality, safety, research and gratitude.

To position VINE Oil & Gas Limited as a leading products marketing company in Nigeria, with focus on distribution, sales and service support.

VINE Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited has short, medium, and long term goals that will enable the company achieve a steady state of operations on its current field.

VINE presently operates within Nigeria which presents an attractive opportunity for growth. With its rich oil and gas reserves and resources and a large and upwardly mobile workforce, a fast growing economy restrained by a lack of Power and a Government that is committed at implementing far reaching changing reforms in the oil and gas sector.

VINE is poised, as a leading integrated Oil and gas Company to fill the gaps and deficit and to play a significant role in galvanizing Nigeria’s economic growth. We believe that human capital and welfare is very integral in the development of any successful organization, which is why we have allocation a huge amount of resource’s at recruiting the best available and providing a very enabling work environment for our staff.

The Company currently has significant experience in the downstream sector while the long term strategy is to be involved in the upstream sector. Improvement and consolidation on present straits is our major focus, this is geared toward customer retention and satisfaction as the paramount goal.

Efficiency, productivity and speed have been adopted as our mantra which we believe will drive us to our desired objective and goal and will be applied on all areas of our operation. The company intends in a short term to embark on the building/increasing and acquisition of:

  • Retail Service outlet.

  • Marine vessel.

  • Oil Terminal Storage facility (Tank Farm) in Lagos

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas; LPG-processing plant.

  • Trucks.

  • Lubrication plant.

  • Asphalt/bitumen Plant

    VINE Oil and Gas intends to go fully into the:

    Upstream Sector
    This by utilizing management’s local knowledge and international experience to identify, acquire and exploit undervalued oil & gas assets in Nigeria. Acquisitions of licenses will be pursued on an opportunistic basis, whether through government auctions, or through corporate acquisitions. If the Company believes such assets are undervalued, create synergies with existing assets or can yield greater value and returns. The focus on ensuring that produced oil & gas will have the most effective route to end-customers at the highest possible netback sales price. To achieve this, the Company will focus on acquiring license in areas where it believes it can readily access the international oil & gas supply systems, as well as serve local demand.

    We also hope to partner with local and international financial institutional at acquiring Additional Oil Tanker Ship.

    VINE is made up of five (5) departments and each department is headed by a Senior Manager.

  • Operations Department

  • Finance and Accounts Department

  • Corporate and Commercial Sales Department

  • Admin and Control Department

  • Business development and strategy/Planning Department

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