VINE adopts the best governance practices with well-defined bylaws, over and beyond the code of best practices and corporate governance guidelines.

As a result, we reinforced our credibility in the marketplace, improved the senior management's decision-making process and, thus, improved our business management.

  • Pursue a balance of power between the Top Management (Board of Directors and Management) and shareholders interest, including minority, with a view to aligning the System's strategic objectives with the interests and rights of all interested parties;

  • Conduct its business with transparency and integrity, creating credibility with its shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers, customers, consumers, government, media, communities where it operates and society in general, pursuing to achieve growth and profitability with social and environmental responsibility;

  • Maintain a relationship with its competitors founded on the principles of honesty and respect, adopting explicit and clear rules about its competition procedures;

  • Promote honest and fair negotiations, without receiving inappropriate advantage through manipulation, use of insider information and other practices of such nature;

  • Register its reports and statements in a correct, consistent, accurate and complete way, without ambiguous information and make its ledgers available with full transparency to internal and external audits and relevant public agencies;

  • Conduct a transparent, true and correct communication, easily understandable and accessible to all interested parties, and advertising based on the principles set forth in this Ethics Code;

  • Comply with and promote compliance with this Ethics Code by means of management and monitoring, at the corporate and local levels, promoting it permanently, with willingness to clarify questions and receive suggestions, and submit this Code and its practices to periodical evaluation processes.

  • Promote working conditions which provide a balance between working, personal, and family life of all employees

  • Respect and promote diversity and combat all forms of prejudice and discrimination, through transparent admission, training, career advancement, rise to positions, and resignation policy. No employee or potential employee will receive discriminatory treatment a result of its race, skin color, ethnic origin, nationality, social status, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, personal appearance, physical, mental or psychological condition, marital status, belief, political opinion, or any other individual differentiation factor.

  • Select and hire suppliers and service providers based on criteria strictly legal and technical of quality, cost and timeliness, and demand an ethics profile in their management and social and environmental responsibility practices, refusing unfair competition, child labor, forced or compulsory labor practices, and other practices contrary to the principles of this Code, including the production chain of such suppliers.
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